Sunday, June 2, 2013

Counting, Sorting, Matching Eggs

Noah LOVES eggs.
At school His favorite toys are the eggs and egg carton in the house keeping area.
At home his favorite toys are the (real) eggs and egg carton in MY refrigerator. 
So I came up with an idea :)
 I found these wood eggs on clearance at Hobby Lobby after the Easter season. 
I Panted them with tempera paint, stamped them with my rubber stamp set. 
(love it!)
 I also used a coat of Modge Podge to keep the paint from chipping off. 
So far so good.
 I felt like a genius when I came up to this idea. It reminds me of a Melissa and Doug toy, however they don't have anything like this.... 
Maybe I should try to sell them my idea!?
 I saved an x-large egg carton to put them in,
its the only size that would fit the wood eggs.
Then I painted the matching colors inside the carton :)
Now he can sort, match and count his very own set of eggs!
And hopefully the ones in the fridge can be spared!

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