Sunday, June 2, 2013

Multipurpose, Multisurface, Orange Cleaner

So, I know you have seen this floating around Pintrest....

I had to give it a try! I couldn't find where it had originated from but most recipes were exactly the same, so I am guessing there's really only one way this can be made. All you need is some oranges peels, glass jars with lids and some distilled vinegar.
Simply take the orange peels and pack them into the jars. Then fill the jars with vinegar and close them up tightly. Store them in a cool dark place for 2 weeks (I put mine under the kitchen sink.)
Once the two weeks are up, you want to store it in something with equal parts water and the orange/vinegar solution.
Ok, now to try it... I will say, on hard wood floors, I was not impressed. It did leave a lack luster film, that kinda bummed me out. I think it may possibly work a lot better on laminate flooring. As a surface cleaner it worked well, I really didn't have any complaints. It did carry more of a vinegar odor rather than a clean  orange scent. I think I will add orange essential oil to this batch.

*Do you have a recipe that's natural and cleans wood floors? Let me know!

*What to do with all the oranges you just peeled??? Stay tuned!

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