Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy {Belated} Birthday

As the room parent, you are typically responsible for sending home birthday cards to your child's classmates on behalf of the PTA and class. I kept up with it fairly well (small special ed classes worked in my favor!) UNTIL this year. 

I promised Roman I would be his class's Room Parent since I was Noah's the year prior. When I let his teacher know, she was ecstatic. She said it had been over 7 years since she had one and stopped asking parents. This breaks my heart because if any class should have a little help, it should be in the special education classrooms. In general ed you sometimes have 2 or 3 Mom's who team together to help plan events and fundraising! But with the small class sizes and already overly extended families, the chances of a special ed teacher getting a Room Parent are slim to none. It certainly makes sense, but still a bummer.

School had started and Noah's new teacher was eager to tell me that she knew I was the room parent the year prior. She asked me if I was wanting to do it again this year. I couldn't say no, especially when she followed with "I have never had one in all my years of teaching!" Seriously, how could I say no?!

I have been so focused on keeping track of the birthdays of the teachers, parapros and classroom therapists that I didn't keep up with the kid's birthdays. So I thought to just give a card to all the kids who have had a birthday from the beginning of the school year until now and send them home the day of our holiday party.

Here's what I came up with for the Kindergartners:
And for the 2nd Graders:

Feel free to use for yourself! 
They will print as a 4x4 card and I recommend using a heavy card stock. 

...And go ask your child's teacher how you can help today!

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