Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glam Glo Mud Mask

 Drum Roll, Please...
I was a little apprehensive to do something like this with my blog, but what the hay? Right?
PLEASE, I am not trying to claim to be some whiz in the beauty industry. I'm just a girl(?) who recently turned 30(? ! ? ! ?) and loves the girly things in life. Why not share? RIGHT?!

I kick off this section of my blog with a review on Glam Glo Mud Mask.
I read several others beuty blogs and started to see this popping up everywhere. I wanted to know more. I find myself wearing less make-up these days and much more preventive and corrective skin care products (I still love my make-up, dont get me wrong!). I guess thats a sign of my age(? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ! ?).

I love the idea of getting a facial (don't have that kinda splurge money) and the idea of getting extractions done (dont have the money NOR the courage) so this seemed like a perfect solution. For about 50 bucks (cheaper than 1 facial at most spas) I feel like I have found liquid GOLD. This little jar of magic will last me for at least the rest of the year and I use it every other week. So to that I say "STEAL!" Not to mention this stuff was good enough to throw into the goodie bags at this years Grammy's, so if its good enough for them, certainly it should be good enough for me. Ok, ignore that last comment, cause I could really care less.
(Yeah, I'm a sucker for good packaging!)
I bought at my local Sephora store. Tried Ulta, but they do not carry it yet.
(Oh! *Blushes* Why... Hello there!)
(Insert angelic "AAAaaaahhhhhhhHHHH" sound)
I opened it up and to my surprise I found this gray slate like mixture in the jar. I used a hot wash cloth to lay across my face to open up the pores and then started putting the mask on, rubbing in a circular motion. It smelled like sulfur, and kinda like menthol and kinda like gross..... yeah, gross....

 I would have smiled, however, I couldn't! Ok, so here's the gross TMI part...
See those dots on the mask? Um, yeah, that's gross junk that the mask is literally pulling out of the pores of my skin...
-Side note, as I continue to use this mask, about once every other week, I notice those "dots" become less and less (been consistently using since March) so I know it works!
Ok, 20 minutes have passed and its time to take off.
In a circular motion I used a warm wash cloth to remove. My skin didn't dry out either after using this product, which makes me happy! Needless to say, I'm a fan!
Hope you enjoyed my first beauty review! :)

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