Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pirate Tooth Fairy Pillow

How is my child old enough to start loosing his baby teeth?! Its strange, I tell ya, to see my oldest child's teeth falling out, and my youngest child's teeth coming in. Both of which is making me a little emotional! The beginnings and the ends, all wrapped up into one!

Me: Get a grip, Holly, they are just teeth!
Self: I know... but my babies!!! My babies are growing up!

I wasn't prepared for the 1st tooth to fall out. I was working when I received this sad looking picture from my Husband:
Pathetic looking, right? With that single tear on his cheek... a little blood on his chest... And what do we do? We take a picture and then blog it to the world, HA!

Apparently this tooth had been loose, and Roman some how fell on his bed, hit it a certain way, knocked it out, and we are pretty sure he then swallowed it.

If you don't know my eldest child, let me tell ya, this was not an ideal way for this experience to go down. It turns out it was quiet traumatizing (in a funny way, of course) and He was not interested in talking about loosing his tooth... or the idea of loosing any more teeth.

So, to make this stage of life a little more fun, I was prepared for the second tooth to fall out by making him a Tooth Fairy pillow. Of course my Mommy magic (and the help of some money) quickly turned the thought of loosing teeth into something exciting for this big boy!

 The second tooth just hung in there, for what seemed like forever (a month). My little redneck son, missing his one front tooth was making me crazy. As that puppy just hung on by a stand I tried everything to convince him to just pull it out, but He wasn't having it. Then one day, FINALLY, we were brushing his teeth and out it came! Yippeee! The Tooth Fairy was on Her way! She had an IOU for the first tooth and was prepared to pay for the second!

When it comes to sewing projects, I am horrible about offering a tutorial. I do everything freehand and don't use templates. I did get the idea of a pirate pillow from Pintrest but offered my own spin on it :) So,  for this one I at least remembered to take a picture of the pieces I cut out. I wanted the pillow to either be hung on the door knob or stand upright on his dresser. So I made it complete with roots :)
(My dental assisting school colleagues will appreciate that!)

Romans Pirate Tooth Fairy Pillow :)
Complete with a bag, labeled "R" for Roman, that the Tooth Fairy can put Her gold coins inside!

I love how it turned out!