Friday, March 7, 2014

The Varsity & The World Of Coke

Its been pretty cold here is Hotlanta....
While its made for a pretty eventful winter (they shut down the whole city, TWICE!) I'm so over the cold temps....
I'm aware that Hotlanta living up to its name is right around the corner.... and I will look back on rushing this season with regret. That's how that usually goes!

So I was thinking about this coming summer and things I would like to do, and then I began reminiscing about last summer, and THEN it dawned on me... I didn't blog about me and Ms. Jenn's Atlanta adventures!

Oh, Ms. Jenn... She is the Ethel to my Lucy,

the Shirley to my Laverne....
The Michelle to my Romy....

She's probably the only friend who has weathered every life change I have gone through: The wild phase. The dirt poor phase. The "I got a man and cant hang right now" phase. The pregnant and mean phase, (multiplied by 4). And The move across the country phase.


She's not a friend for a season, but for life. With that said, trouble seems to find us everywhere we go. No, seriously. EVERYWHERE. And of course it makes for hilarious stories for the future. No one can make me laugh like this chick!

The Varsity:
61 North Avenue
Atlanta GA 30308
Website (Click here)

"It's the Worlds Largest Drive-In
Our Downtown Atlanta location is on more than two acres and can accommodate 600 cars and over 800 people inside. On days when the Georgia Tech Yellow jackets are playing a home game, over 30,000 people visit The Varsity."
(From The Varsity Website)

After picking up Ms. Jenn and her daughter Sonya  from the airport, we headed over to this local gem for lunch, called The Varsity. Us girls enjoyed some old fashioned burgers, shoe string fries and chili dogs. Yumm! Afterwards we walked around and checked out the memorabilia and the different pockets of the diner. This place is huge! Soon the chili dogs kicked in and it was time to run home like a Kenyan on methamphetamine.

Main entrance

Me and Lydia and our cute hats!

We are in Coke Nation!

Some of the memorabilia

The World of Coke
121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

I was excited to finally go check out "The World of Coke" here in Atlanta. They call the ATL "Coke Nation" for good reason, "coke-a-cola" propaganda is everywhere, and rarely can you order a Pepsi, or as us northerners call it "The right stuff," anywhere.

Everyone knows Ms. Jenn loves her diet Pepsi. And oh man, Mt. Dew is my vice. But for the sake of all things Atlanta, we checked out the museum. Ain't gonna lie, it was pretty cool.

Who doesn't love the Coke-A-Cola Santa?!

Lydia tagged along

Memorabilia through the years

The World Of Coke
Pretty sure the Brown's drink Pepsi!

I'm telling Ms Jenn to get the sign above us in the picture. Obviously.

Now for the BEST PART! There is a room in museum where you can drink all the pop you can ingest without your heart exploding in one sitting. That's right, all the Coke-a-Colas from around the world in one room. I knew the pop was kicking in when our group broke apart, and we were individually meandering from fountain to fountain, twitching.

Taste It, indeed!

I think the funniest part was smuggling in a bottle of PEPSI and getting a shot of this gem:
We are rebels to the core.

...Atlanta adventures to be continued....

P.S. Ms. Jenn is a real person.... she would just have my behind if I put her pictures all over my blog. Still love ya, Jenny!