Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Wrap Up & 2nd Grade!

School is back in session! I thought I would post a quick update about whats new in Ro-Ro's world in honor of completing 1st grade and surviving a summer with a frazzled Mom!

We kicked off summer vacation with our annual trip to 22q At The Zoo here in Atlanta. Sadly, the weather did not cooperate and it made for some rather challenging conditions. I don't think Roman cared though. :)

Roman had been doing private Occupational therapy as well as Physical therapy since He was about 18 months old till the beginning of this summer, when he met all his goals and was done! It was a big deal for both of us! 2 less appointments per week is awesome! What a hard worker Roman is! Muscle tone, shmushle tone! I wanted him to still participate in some type of activity that involved motor skills and muscle development so karate it was. A ninja with low muscle tone? Puh-leez.

We celebrated our Birthdays with a FREE trip to the Georgia Aquarium! You get in free on your birthday, so imagine the tellers surprise when I handed him mine and Ro's birth certificate. :)

We also went to Vacation Bible School for the first time this summer! Him, Noah and Lydia got to spend a week going "wild" for God! And if it was up to him VBS would last all summer long :)
We got several (ok, a lot of) doctor appointments out of the way this summer. Much of which we don't have to return to for 2 YEARS. Praise God! Do you see a trend here? :) I agree :)

We developed a new found love (some would call it obsession) for legos this summer. I have gone this long with out any interest... darn you, Lego movie. I spent my summer surrounded by legos of all shapes and sizes. I can tell you each one hurts in its own unique way when you step on them... 
We also tried some bowling for the first time this summer! Now THAT was fun! Watching my kids try to bowl was the funniest, sweetest thing! Roman is pretty good!
There was lots of swimming, park playing, staying at Grandma and Grandpas house and visits with cousins this summer. Over all, I think summer was a great success! :)

First grade was a good year. He has officially left the SDD classroom (Significantly Developmentally Delayed)(way harsh label by the way) and is now in a Language based classroom (forgive me, I haven't memorized the new acronym in my ever abbreviated language). But with a new program comes a brand new school, some new friends (we were happy to have 3 old classmates with us this year!) and new teachers and therapists. Today he came home excited and eager for school tomorrow. We will see how long that lasts.... LOL.... he does like school, but does not like waking up in the mornings!

So here's to 2nd grade! My Ro just keeps chugging along, proving them all wrong. Love you Sweet Boy. <3

Romans 8:37
But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.