Saturday, November 3, 2012

Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Not too long ago we visited one of our now favorite Atlanta spots- Piedmont Park. Never had we gone during the autumn months, and since today was so beautiful, we decided to pack a picnic and drove the 30 minute drive from our Atlanta suburb home. (Living in Atlanta you quickly learn 30 minutes is actually not far at all. Weird.)
What Central Park is to NYC, this Piedmont is to Atlanta. Its wide open spaces and winding walkways are filled with cyclists, roller bladders, strollers with babies and couples holding hands. Blankets are sprawled out randomly over the hills for couples and families to have picnics and read books, all while admiring the absolutely beautiful fall scenery... lots of pups and their owners walking around, as well as soccer games and kids tossing around a foot ball in the background. The skyline is filled with tall buildings that stand in the distance giving your eye such a great contrast to take in.
Did I mention the fall scenery??? 
A huge fishing pond is surrounded by white washed architecture at the center of the park. We also appreciate the various trees, from palm trees, to beech nut, to even bamboo, each are marked letting you know what type they are. Just so much beauty! 
Be prepared-  every person who walks by will great you with a friendly "hello" (something I'm still getting used to, but LOVE) and let me say this is the absolutely cleanest park I have ever been too. You do have to pay for parking and I'm assuming that those funds help keep this park so gorgeous. I cant wait to return, walk a path we haven't yet and enjoy this pocket of Atlanta again!

P.S. You never know who you can run into at Piedmont park. Last Spring we were here and ran into Marc Hall from Casting Crowns. We got to talk to him and his wife for a bit and even got to participate in his promo video for Casting Crowns hit song "Courageous." I thought it was the coolest day ever. Their albums have seriously changed my life.