Monday, November 5, 2012

Haluski (with Polish Kielbasa)

Its that time of year when I'm driven to make dishes that feel like home (Cleveland) and like the ones I would make at my Grandmothers house. Haluski is pan fried cabbage and egg noodles, and added with some fried kielbasa (either on the side or mixed in) makes an amazing, easy meal! I make this dish often, so I've tried to lessen the fat content (sorry, no heavy cream in this one) to I don't feel so guilty while eating! With most of these recipes there are no exact measurements.... that's how you know they were from grandma :)

What you'll need: Sour Cream, Stick Butter, Sour Kraut, Egg Noodles, Paprika, Onion, Polish Kielbasa

1) Boil egg noodles per instructions. 
2) Slice onion into skinny strips (not diced). Slice kielbasa long way and then cut into about one inch thick pieces. Cut one stick of butter into 4 pieces. Put all in skillet and cook until onions are caramelized and kielbasa is browned. 
3) In a separate pan, fry sour kraut (do not drain), adding paprika to taste. I like to add enough till the cabbage has nice red color. 

4) Drain egg noddles once done, season with pepper to taste.

5) Once the kraut and kielbasa is done it should look like this:

6) In the same pan as your egg noodles, add all sour cream, kraut, and onion and kielbasa. (Don't drain either pan) Mix well and enjoy!