Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vote like Christian

Almost 10 years ago I met a little boy named Christian. He had bright blue eyes and dark hair, and was an instant favorite of mine in the class I taught. He had a vivid imagination that kept me and the other teacher well entertained :)

Fast forward to the election of 2004. I was standing in line to vote and it just so happened that Christian and his Mom were behind me. I hadn't seen them in awhile and we began making small talk. And then Christian chimed in- "Well, we are not voting for Kerry because he wants kill unborn babies." I was in shock, to say the least. This little 5 year old so bluntly professed in a large group of people what his families believes. My eyes darted around as I tried to catch the reactions of others. His mother nodded in agreement with him and seemed completely unphased and we continued on with our conversation.

I thought about Christian yesterday. I thought about that day. I thought about my feelings then and my feelings now. It got me thinking about my own kids.

If we want to see change in this country, we must start in the home. Our children must be taught the biblical truths and see those being supported by their parents, so when they are out in the world they wouldn't sway, but stand firm and confident. When they speak the truth, that we don't "shush them" out of fear of the majority. I want my kids to vote like Christian. It has to start now. If you don't influence your children, someone else will. Disney will. Sesame Street will. Public schools will. Social media will. College campuses will. I could go on and on. 

Don't make the mistake of leaving it up to the church, to church leaders and groups either. Don't think that the private school they attend or the denomination they are affiliated with is enough for your children. For the future of our country we must raise up a Christian nation in our HOMES.

I'm greatly disappointed in the majority of my generation. And in that, Disappointed in the Fathers and Mothers of this generation. We, as a nation have let grey areas seep into our convictions.... and loop holes into Gods word, and began teaching a new spin on "separation of church and state." 

And I commend families like Christian's, who obviously discuss these moral issues with their children. Too young, you might say? Well then let all those political ads about abortion and contraceptives and planned parenthood teach your children for you...... like I said, if you wont, the enemy will.

This isn't a political post. This is a family issue. If we want our children to be "Christian" voters, then we must raise them that way. starting now. 18 IS TOO LATE.

I voted like Christian yesterday.